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Zhoozh up your site with RateKit star ratings!

RateKit is an easy-to-install, ultra low maintenance PHP plugin that adds intuitive ratings stars to your site. All modern desktop, mobile and tablet browsers support it. No need to install a database to save ratings: RateKit uses its own lightweight storage.


Turn your device sideways or view on a bigger screen to see more lovely examples.

Turn your device sideways or view on a bigger screen to witness the truly humungous examples.


<input id="joy" class="rating" data-size="xl">


<input id="glee" class="rating" data-size="lg">

Well Built

<input id="ecstacy" class="rating" data-size="md">


<input id="exultation" class="rating" data-size="sm">


<input id="beatitude" class="rating" data-size="xs">


<input id="beatitude" class="rating" data-size="xs">


<input id="plenty" class="rating" data-size="xxs">


  • Childishly simple 5 minute setup.
  • No need to install a database. RateKit saves ratings in PHP's tiny built-in database SQLite. No setup needed, the plugin handles it all for you. All RateKit needs is jQuery and PHP to work its magic.
  • Users can't rate the same thing more than once within a set time, unless you want them to.
  • No need to log in - just click to rate.
  • Supports half-star ratings.
  • Transparent background and six sizes to suit every situation.
  • The stars are made with an icon font - no messing around with Photoshop, and stars look perfect on high-res screens. Change star colour with one line of CSS.

Or if you want to help make RateKit even better, check out the code on GitHub.

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