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End of support

Unfortunately I can no longer provide support for RateKit, but if anybody wants to use it or contribute to it you're most welcome. Thanks to everybody who used and contributed to this little tool!

July 2019

Zhoozh up your site with RateKit star ratings!

RateKit is an easy-to-install, ultra low maintenance PHP plugin that adds intuitive ratings stars to your site. All modern desktop, mobile and tablet browsers support it. No need to install a database to save ratings: RateKit uses its own lightweight storage.


Turn your device sideways or view on a bigger screen to see more lovely examples.

Turn your device sideways or view on a bigger screen to witness the truly humungous examples.


<input id="joy" class="rating" data-size="xl">


<input id="glee" class="rating" data-size="lg">

Well Built

<input id="ecstacy" class="rating" data-size="md">


<input id="exultation" class="rating" data-size="sm">


<input id="beatitude" class="rating" data-size="xs">


<input id="beatitude" class="rating" data-size="xs">


<input id="plenty" class="rating" data-size="xxs">


  • Childishly simple 5 minute setup.
  • No need to install a database. RateKit saves ratings in PHP's tiny built-in database SQLite. No setup needed, the plugin handles it all for you. All RateKit needs is jQuery and PHP to work its magic.
  • Users can't rate the same thing more than once within a set time, unless you want them to.
  • No need to log in - just click to rate.
  • Optional markup with rating and rating count label.
  • Supports half-star ratings.
  • Transparent background and six sizes to suit every situation.
  • The stars are made with an icon font - no messing around with Photoshop, and stars look perfect on high-res screens. Change star colour with one line of CSS.
  • Also available in German and as an extension for phpBB forums by kaspir.

Free and Open Source

RateKit is free software released under the GPL license. You can freely use and adapt it.


If you want to suggest an improvement to RateKit, create a pull request on GitHub. All contributions welcome!


Or if you want to help make RateKit even better, check out the code on GitHub.