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Lovely lake somewhere, it matters not where exactly
Moody trees in the morning, or is it evening, but anyway, moody


Bob Simpkin's Chop House

Southwark Bridge Road

A delightful restaurant. The decor is, shall we say, surprising, but Bob is a consummate host and knows how to warm a brandy glass.

The Ritz Carlton Grill


The Ritz Carlton needs no introduction to connoisseurs of fine wine and crumpets. A London classic.

Mama Afrika's Hot Pot

Finchely Road

This plush restaurant-cum-bar in a distant corner of Finchley Road has everything going for it: irresistible music, luscious barbequed steaks, and the most outrageous proprietor in North London.

Lives of a Bengal Lancer

Kentish Town High Road

A reliable friend in times of need, the hungry masses have been gorging on spicy goodness at the Bengal Lancer since the 1980s.

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